The Single Man Guide: 10 Ways To Make a New House Feel Like Home

One would hardly find single men giving some good time to their home and maintaining it in a way that it looks spic and span all the time. Even if they wish to clean, they only end up finding shortcuts to create a tidy environment. But, is that useful to them? It might be helpful for a little while but in the longer run, it will only pile up huge jobs for them.

In case you too are single and are looking for ways to deal with the cleanliness issues of your home, then this is the ultimate guide for you.

Guidelines for men to clean homes

Some of the tips that can help you create a beautiful and spotless home include-

  • Set a cleaning schedule: The most important thing is to include cleaning in your daily routine. Ensure to take out a couple of minutes in the morning before leaving for work or after returning to clear the mess and keep the things where they belong to. If daily maintenance is ensured, there will be less stress to be dealt with

  • Daily chores: there are certain chores in your home that need to be catered Some of these tasks include cleaning dishes, washing clothes and mopping. Take out some time for them every day or else your home would start smelling like a garbage bin. Clear the dining table properly after each meal and ensure that the bathrooms remain in the hygienic state all throughout the day.

  • Buy cleaning machines and aids: It is essential for you to buy some useful cleaning aids that are easily available in the markets. Some of these products include the vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, washing machine, mops, brooms, cleaning cloths, and more. Having all these products right at home will give you ample motivation to get started with the cleaning process right away.

  • Hire a cleaner: You can also go about hiring a maid or other cleaner who can come to your home according to your availability and clean it on your behalf. This is a very useful input; however, it does not free you from your individual responsibility of maintaining your home.

The best part is that just how useful personal items are available at trustworthy sites like, you can book these cleaners online as well and have the maintenance process started as soon as possible.…

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The Reasons Why You Need a Home Inspection Before Selling

Inspection is an important part that needs to be done before you put your home or nay ropery on sale. It is beneficial for both the buyer and seller and why it is important we will discuss here.

What Is An Inspection

In an easy language, it is a process of testing out different aspects of your home. Such as whether it requires any repairs or is there any pests invading in your home.

Benefits Of Inspection-

#1 More Chances Of Cracking The Deal

A house that is not inspected may lead fewer buyers. On the other hand, a house that is inspected beforehand will, of course, bring you more buyers. When you tell them that the inspection is done, the buyer gets an idea that their home is safe and it does not want any extra bucks on maintenance.

#2 It Saves You Unnecessary Expenditures

It is not just the buyer but beneficial for the seller too. The inspection will charge you a one-time cost, but if you do not perform it, then your home can charge you different bucks at a different time.  Such as that broken faucet, damaged doors, cracked windows and inspection saves you from all these charges.

#3 It Shows That You Have Nothing To Hide

When you are done inspecting your home, you get confidence, and you can dare to show that inspection report to any buyer. It also gives a peace of mind to the buyer too. This way, your home is like an open book that has no secrets and this gives both parties the confidence to proceed further. You should also be aware of the Local Law 11 (FISP) that needs you to get your home regularly inspected if you own six or more stories building. The buyer can always ask for this type of inspection.

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How To Successfully Sell A Property In 2018

Have a house to sell? Selling need not be as complicated as before. Experienced professionals like Batista Properties can always help you make a good and comfortable sale.

Here is what you should know about selling a property in the year 2018:


Many buyers want their houses to be customized. If you have been living in the house for a long period of time, the property is sure to have some considerable amount of wear and tear. While one can sell such a house as it is for a good rate, renovating it and making a few cost effective changes will fetch you a much better price.

Discuss with an agent who is into home customization to get cost effective ideas. If it is feasible, get them done before you put the property for sale on the market.


Ensure all paper work is in order and there are no confusions. Today, in many cases the owner checks the property only once and the rest are handled by his agents or lawyers. These people are working on a time line for a fixed sum of money and they have no personal interest invested in your property. Hence a small delay or issue from your end can cause them to convince the buyer to look for an alternate property.

When you have all the paperwork in place, you can finish the sale in good speed and be done with it.


The real estate costs have gone up and down in the past few years. Check with companies in this business to know how much your property will sell for. This will give you an idea about how much you can quote. Negotiations will happen before final price is decided on, but an interest is generated only with the price quoted when the property is proposed for sale.

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How real estate can benefit from good architectural builds

If you notice real estate sales pitches, you will see an architectural drawing of what can be done with the place. If it is in a prime location, an architect can design residential buildings or a mall and show what can be done. These drawings and visuals help the potential customer to visualize what can be done with the property. This makes the property look more attractive and garners more interest towards it.

Who Benefits?

While both the real estate company and the architect stand to benefit from such an association, how does it work?

The real estate company’s main goal is to sell the plot or property at the maximum possible price. The real estate company representatives would have had an idea for the property in mind around the time they bought it. This visualization helps them in understanding if the area procured is sufficient or if more will be needed.

They bring in architects to bring their ideas to life. An architect can not only execute the idea but will also be able to tell if it the idea is possible to execute in reality. Many times projects fail because ideas are too far out of reach of reality. It may not be possible to build such a building and when people who bought it realize they have been lied to, the company’s name is ruined.

The addition of architects to the team will not only help in designing but can also result in joint ventures where the land is provided by the real estate company, the architect designs and a third party funds the project if these two parties do not have sufficient funds.

As a result, the property’s value increases manifold, enabling the landowner to earn a good profit, the architect gets a chance to showcase his talent without having to work under someone else or some other company.

If you are in Perth, Perth 3d rendering is the best option if you want your property’s value to shoot up and get customers easily.…

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